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PEMTec (en)

Razor-sharp precision

Shaving caps, economical precise serial production

Shaving caps

Shaving caps must be absolutely burr-free and precise. These have a very complex geometry and are mass-produced. This is the master discipline of PEMTec's PECM machines.

With non-contact, precise electrochemical metalworking, a burr-free finish is inherent in the system. The synchronized current pulse and an oscillating tool electrode provide PEMTec with the basis for a very small machining gap, which in itself enables high-precision production.

This guarantees a smooth and gentle beard cut. This is the best solution for our customers and the best result for consumers.

PEMTec is precision

We are specialized in precise electrochemical metalworking and have developed a production-ready industrial standard from this technology, which is the basis for today's precision machines.

The sector: consumer goods

Daily you come in contact with pemmed parts. Especially in mass production, fully automated PEMTec lines are used and combine high precision with economical production.

Your Partner for PECM and precision

Do you have questions about the technology, possible applications of the machines or sampling? Just send us an email.


Learn how "Pemming" works exactly and which technologies form the basis for the highest precision.

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