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Yes, we pem.

The essence of precision
If PECM, then with PEMTec

After years of development work, we are proud to be able to claim for ourselves that PEMTec is one of the technology leaders for precise electrochemical metal processing. We coined the word “Pemming” to clearly describe and differentiate this PECM technology. Development and innovation are processes we continuously press ahead with to also be able to offer our clients this quality and top results in the future.

How the process works

Contactless and precisely metal parts are machined using the PECM process. Between a negatively polarised tool-electrode (cathode) and a positively polarised workpiece (anode) flows an electrically conductive electrolyte: salt water. It dissolves the ionized material anodically in the machining gap between electrode and workpiece. The electrode’s shape is projected inversely onto the metal. The precise pulse current synchronized with the oscillating tool electrode and the very small working gap are the basis for the precision of this technology. The PECM process is the further development of electrochemical lowering.

Using a precise pulse current and an oscillating tool electrode enables us to create the basis for a very small processing gap. This allows for high-precision and economic manufacturing without process-related tool wear. Workpieces can be created with a reproduction accuracy and reproducibility of 2-5 μm in an absolutely contactless fashion, all without chemical agents or mechanical forces.

Step 1

Step 1

Open the working gap, the fresh electrolyte is fed in.

Step 2

Step 2

Close the working gap. Tool electrode (cathode) and workpiece (anode) approach each other to within a few micrometers. A controlled current pulse is triggered. At this moment, the material is anodically ablated on the surface.

Step 3

Step 3

Open the working gap. The electrolyte is flushed out of the working gap with the ablation products.

Precision makes the difference

PEMTec has further developed the PECM technology into an industrial standard ready for series production and integrated it as a basis in its precision machines. We have created the word "Pemmen" to clearly describe and differentiate the technology.

PECM is highly precise and economical with the high imaging accuracy and speed of non-contact machining of superalloys and PM steels.

Pemmed parts already fly into space and back again today. Depending on the requirements or demands of the respective industry or sector, the technology is applied with a perfect fit. The machines developed in-house offer unique possibilities compared to conventional production techniques. From automotive to medical technology, workpieces are produced worldwide with PEMTec machines.

Advantages of the PECM process
In comparison with conventional manufacturing technologies, our internally developed machines offer unique possibilities. Our vision and the technology make PEMTec machines so unusual because precision makes all the difference.
First advantage Precisely shaping nearly all metals
Second advantage Metal processing irrespective of the material’s hardness
Third advantage Processing of superalloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, etc.) and PM steels
Fourth advantage Short processing times
Fifth advantage Inexpensive process for small batches, large series, prototyping
Sixt advantage Dimensional accuracy within the series
PECM, benefits of the process
  • Contactless processing
  • Simultaneous processing of macro- and microstructures
  • Deburring in the macro and micro range
  • Totally burr-free
  • No reworking of workpieces (as no material adhesion and/or accumulation of deposits)
  • One workflow (roughing, finishing and polishing)
  • Highly accurate reproduction and high surface quality
  • Standard created surface quality up to Ra 0.03 µm
  • In the absence of thermal or mechanical strain, no structural changes in the workpiece
  • Highest stability without micro cracks
Innovation awards and certificates

Reliability and sticking to standards enable PEMTec to produce on a high level and deliver absolute precision. The certifications and awards are seals of quality and highlight the dependability of the PEMTec engineering company at the same time. We cooperate with our clients as a partner on an equal footing.

Since 2004, continuously DIN EN ISO 9001-certified by SGS-TÜV Saar. And since 2018, the company has also been a specialized for various fields of work in accordance with WHG (Water Resources Act).

2010 Techstar winner at vienna-tec 2010 in the production category
2011 Winner of the 9th INDUSTRIE 2011 innovation award in Lyon in the technology category
2015 Advancement award for innovative and creative craftsmanship from the Saarland Chamber of Trade Watch
2017 Brose Europe Supplier Innovation Day award Watch