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Pemtec Maschinen sneak
Four components, one precision technology

Every PECM machine from PEMTec consists of four main components: PEM MECHANIC, PEM CONTROL, PEM POWER and PEM AQUA. A further important component is the tool – which consists of a holding tool and an electrode. We always develop these in cooperation with the client.

Faster Faster
More economical More economical
More flexible More flexible
PEM MECHANIC PEM MECHANIC is the processing space for the electrode and for accommodating the workpiece. This part of the machine is made from granite and stainless steel in a single-axis portal design with a Z-axis that carries and guides the oscillating electrode(s).
PEM CONTROL PEM CONTROL is the process and machine control. This part of the machine is equipped with a real-time computer that precisely controls all input signals down to the microsecond. The inputs and control are provided by way of a touchscreen user interface developed by PEMTec. PEM CONTROL enables the client to analyze the processing and assess the process online. Additional automation can be integrated by way of PEM CONTROL.
PEM POWER PEM POWER is the highly dynamic and stable power source. The voltage, current and pulse length are calculated and checked on a microsecond level. The processing parameters are integrated in the workflow.
PEM AQUA PEM AQUA is the autonomous electrolyte treatment system. This part of the machine is responsible for the automated, environment-friendly micro filtering of the electrolyte, including chromium VI reduction. The PEM AQUA is where the pH-value, conductivity, temperature and flow rate of the electrolyte are automatically adjusted. The flow rate is customizable. We offer standard variants with 1,000 and 2,000 liters.
Individualized machines

PEMTec builds customized machines for individual requirements

Besides our standard machines, our customers can naturally also be provided with a PECM machine that is individually customized to their requirements. PEMTec develops and manufactures solutions that are exactly tailored to the customer’s needs. Be it a machine, tool or automation, the solution is always a custom fit with PEMTec as a reliable PECM partner. It is also possible to integrate further axes in the machines.

Every PECM machine is unique, every application different, every solution individual.

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