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The PEM 3.1 SX CC serves one purpose: the precise machining of cemented carbide. We have followed the demands of the market and our customers and developed a breakthrough PECM machine from the ground up. It combines numerous new features and innovations from PEMTec in an all-in-one concept. This combines new machine components, flexible and powerful software as well as an adaptive electrolytic system. Our focus, one goal of offering customers a compact machine solution that processes cemented carbide efficiently and stress-free. The PECM process is the ideal technology to master the multi-layered challenges of cemented carbide machining. The PEM 3.1 SX CC delivers machining results without microstructural changes or microcracks.

Technical Data
  • Compact machine design with integrated process, generator and electrolyte module in a completely enclosed machine enclosure
  • Footprint 1,630 x 2,790 x 2,590 mm (W x D x H) plus door opening
  • PECM machining module in natural granite
  • Natural granite cell with a usable working height of 310 - 460 mm
  • Interior 590 x 680 mm (W x D)
  • Machine table 540 x 520 mm (W x D) with T-slots for universal applications
  • Optional PLC controlled X/Y adjustment aid, usable working height then 134 - 284 mm (enlargement by a further 125 mm possible, without standard recessed worktable)
  • PECM axis travel 150 mm
  • Free programmable process stroke between 50 μm and 3 mm
  • Universal reference clamping system designed for 3R Macro and/or EROWA ITS 100 clamping systems
  • Machine decoupled by air suspension elements
  • HMI user interface via 21.5'' touch display
  • Latest advancement in PECM power technology with more than 1,600 A pulse current
  • Optional Automated loading aid cell robot, e.g. EROWA Robot Compact 80
  • Optional CEEP Unit - stabilizes the PECM process and ensures even better processing results
  • Optional C-axis, as a freely programmable rotary axis
Technical Data
Control unit
Control unit The input and control is via a touch screen operator interface developed by PEMTec. PEM CONTROL enables the customer to analyze the process online and evaluate the process.
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