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PEM 800
PEM 800 When comparing the PEM 800 with the PEM 600, one thing is immediately obvious: everything is that bit bigger. And it needs to be, because the PEM 800 is essentially the "big brother" of the family. It offers a larger working area (allowing for the use of bigger tools), a 12,000A generator, larger build components, doors that move sideways and an axis drive that has been modified for enhanced performance. The PEM 800 is the right choice for all those production jobs where you need to think big.
Technical Data
  • Machine frame constructed from natural granite
  • Work space 800 mm x 640 mm (W x D)
  • Machining table 660 mm x 540 mm (W x D)
  • Maintenance-free precision work axis with direct drive
  • Fixture attachment using 6 T-slots (M10) in the machining table
  • Real-time system for process control and short-circuit detection
  • Standard PC keyboard, mouse and touchscreen
  • Water-cooled, modularly designed generator,1,200 to 12,000A output
  • Automated electrolyte preparation system
  • XY adjustment aid and C-axis optional
  • The performance of the electrolyte facility will be optimally adjusted to the application in question. Our standard type can be supplied with at least 1,000 or 2,000 liters.
PEM 800
PEM 800
Control unit

The input and control is via a touch screen operator interface developed by PEMTec. PEM CONTROL enables the customer to analyze the process online and evaluate the process.

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Electrolyte plant
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