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PEMTec (en)

Double and single teeth in less than two minutes

Precision internal gearing

Internal gearing

In contrast to impact and hob peeling, the PECM machines from PEMTec process metal completely contact-free and absolutely burr-free. Super alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, etc.) and PM steels can be shaped regardless of their hardness and toughness. With this sample internal gearing, it was run 4 mm deep in 1.4301 with a 4-cavity mould in 7.2 minutes. The surface quality is Ra 0.26 ┬Ám. In one step, precise clearing, deburring and polishing were carried out.

PEMTec is precision

We are specialized in precise electrochemical metalworking and have developed a production-ready industrial standard from this technology, which is the basis for today's precision machines.

The sector: machine components

In a long-life application, mechanical engineering components must work precisely and reliably for a long time. With PECM, you can produce them free of stress and burrs, whether from powder metallurgical steels or superalloys.

Your Partner for PECM and Precision

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Learn how "Pemming" works exactly and which technologies form the basis for the highest precision.

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