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Tooling With the PECM technology, you can create long-lasting and innovative tool concepts. Today, punching, embossing and rolling tools were made with PEMTec machines, which are reliable and efficient in series. Whether complex geometries or PM-steels, with pemmed tools, new perspectives are opening up in production. PECM bridges perfect between design, production and profitability.
schneller Faster
wirtschaftlicher More economical
flexibler More flexible

PEMTec machines enable complex geometries to be produced precisely and formally on almost all metals. Within the shortest possible process times, even superalloys and PM steels are processed without burrs, regardless of toughness and hardness.

Fields of application
  • Punching dies
  • Embossing dies
  • Cutting dies
Technology Learn how "Pemming" works exactly and which technologies form the basis for the highest precision. Get to know more
Machines Experience fast, precise and economical series production with our PEMTec machines. Our machines