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Car industry

Precision, serial production and hence cost-effectiveness are the driving forces of entrepreneurial action, and especially so in the automotive industry. PEMTec keeps a firm eye on these variables. And the results are something to be proud of. The PECM technology and our machines are a recognized and established manufacturing technology for premium products in the automotive industry nowadays.

Faster Faster
More economical More economical
More flexible More flexible
Car industry With the precise electrochemical metal machining of PEMTec, serial production and the economical production of high-end products are already possible today and have been established at various premium manufacturers.
Car industry
Car industry
  • Racks
  • Valve plates
  • Lever (turbocharger component)
  • Valve (injection systems)
  • Fuel injection pumps
Car industry
Car industry
Car industry
Technology Learn how "Pemming" works exactly and which technologies form the basis for the highest precision. Get to know more
Machines Experience fast, precise and economical series production with our PEMTec machines. Our machines