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PEM 400
PEM400 As already suggested by the name, the PEM400 is a compact PECM unit with a space-saving design and a high-precision axle guidance. It can be used for stand-alone unit or in a network (a group of linked machines) used to produce components on multiple lines. As such, it is ideally suited for the serial production of metal components, no matter whether they require single or multiple production operations. If you need a space-saving machine that’s fast, flexible and can be used in combination, then the PEM400 is the one for you!
Technical data
  • Machine frame constructed from steel and natural granite
  • Work space 380 mm x 500 mm (W x D)
  • Machining table 380 mm x 500 mm (W x D)
  • Maintenance-free precision work axis with direct drive
  • Fixture attachment using T-slots (M10) in the machining table
  • Required space: 600 mm x 1850 mm (W x D), excluding electrolyte preparation
  • Real-time system for process control and short-circuit detection
  • Standard PC keyboard, mouse and touchscreen
  • Latest generator technology: up to 1,000A output
  • Automatic electrolyte preparation system (capacity starts at 1,000L on standard equipment)
  • Optional XY adjustment aid
  • Oscillation range: open, set by user
PEM 400
PEM 400
Control unit

The input and control is via a touch screen operator interface developed by PEMTec. PEM CONTROL enables the customer to analyze the process online and evaluate the process.

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Electrolyt system
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